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May. 4th, 2007 02:47 pm
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I don't usually go into WHY I enjoy the books I do, but when I set out to write this entry, I found myself brimming over with ideas.

Two books that have made me think about writing )

Something that I've noticed )

Well, that's it. I feel compelled to end on a familiar note, so I say, "...but you don't have to take my word for it." ;)
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Rather than overdose people with info on a writing project that more than half of you haven't seen, I decided to start a writing filter. If you want to be on it, please just reply here!

Also, for PCG people with two identities who are interested, do you want both usernames in the filter, or just your writing one?
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Chemistry's really exciting, but wearing at my nerves. I haven't been able to sleep soundly. Wish I could back to this past weekend, when I was hanging out with [ profile] jennlynnfs and [ profile] bijoux. (We ended up staying at Jenn's and I actually slept the full 8 hours sans chem-related nightmares.)

There are jokes that if you're not having nightmares about your project, you're not working hard enough. But this is ridiculous. I'm sooo extremely nervous now, and I walk around as if I'm half asleep all day. How is this good?

But it's addictive, getting results. Must...keep...going...

To take the edge off, I try to write while waiting for things to stir, centrifuge, etc., but my mind doesn't settle well. Nevertheless, I toyed around with my (recently registered!) Writer's Cafe software. A really neat (and integral) part of Writer's Cafe is Storylines, which is a program that allows you to lay out your plotline according to plot arc, mix and match to your heart's content, etc. It's like having index cards for all your scenes, dialogues, etc. So I put in my draft of EE to see how it held up.

I got disgusted. I'm laying this out ground up again. But least I've taken inventory of what scenes I have...

EDIT: I forgot to say! I would like to thank [ profile] heart_set_afire for this totally awesome icon. When I see it I think of Tannar. :p
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...and I still don't have this return to standard time down. I really wish I remembered which clocks I've changed. I think my roommate changed some too. And all my labs are running an hour ahead...*so confused*

I'm pretty sure it's a quarter to 10 here right now.

So that means I'm about 2 hours away from the start of NaNo.

I'm going to start a filter for NaNo. Last year I tracked everything. This year, I'm a bit more frustrated with lab life, so I don't know how it'll go. Either way, if you'd like to be on my NaNo filter, please comment below.

What a weekend! Saturday I met up with the [ profile] psychocommagrlz for elegant tea, random shopping, and tasty Italian. Had a simply marvelous time and I hope to meet up with the ladies again soon; they're a fun group of people! It was a wonderful day!


Oct. 9th, 2005 09:44 pm
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Having spent nine hours of my day today watching baseball, I feel pretty useless. And I feel like it's later than it really is.

Baseball. )

More Adventures in Jane Austen's Lab? )


Sep. 22nd, 2005 09:54 pm
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Draft #3 of Emma Experiments is finished! Barring little paranoid adjustments over the next week or so, the draft is done. Everything. All the scenes. YAAAAAY!

Some Stats:
54942 words
247 pages (double spaced)
16 Chapters



Sep. 20th, 2005 11:25 pm
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Absolutely fantastic evening because:

  • J and I finally went grocery shopping! And I now know what a shallot looks like! Keep in mind the only things I make in the kitchen are desserts, cranberry sauce, and pasta of some sort. Lately, I told J that I wanted to actually learn how to cook, and I wanted to practice. (Prior to this, my dear J made dinner for us all the time. It's not as unfair as you may think; J despises dishes, so I'd wash the dishes, and he'd cook dinner. He thought that was fair!) So now I shall be cooking once a week. I know, you're thinking: "But you're a chemist, you can follow instructions and combine ingredients. What gives?" Three words that doom me forever: Salt to taste. Tragically, (my brother will agree with me), I have no taste. My first effort will be tomorrow night. I won't post my menu, because it'll most likely end up changing at the last minute to McDonald's :p. But wish me luck!
  • Worked out another few scenes of Emma Experiments. 8 more scenes to edit, and the draft will be finished! I tried to knock down another three, but they all were entirely too hard so I had to give it up.
  • Worked out more details for my NaNo 2005 project! Am excited! That brings me to another point: how many of you are doing National Novel Writing Month with me this year?
  • Postcard from [ profile] jimmyhk from Cambridge! *hugs* yay! Thank you! Hope you have fun at DU!!

Hoping to get in a run tomorrow morning. It's been forever since I've been out and it's about time I started it up again. The reason why I'm posting this here is, of course, so that my own ego will force me to get up tomorrow to make sure that I'm telling the truth :p
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My mind is reeling with caffeine buzz right now. EEEEEEEEEE. I wish somebody were here, because I feel pretty stupid pacing and grinning at no one. Click click click I love typing. Typing makes such cheerful happy sounds.


Writing news )


Jul. 25th, 2005 03:11 pm
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You girls ROCK!!!!!!!

Thanks to Word Wars, I got a little over 1000 words written over one hour today!

[ profile] dctemo_13, [ profile] manda_in_sd, and [ profile] heart_set_afire, you guys are just so awesome! I really enjoyed chat today! Thanks for being so wonderful and easy to work with!


Apr. 11th, 2005 10:10 pm
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Short snippet, 207 words )

Been making good organizational progress on the story since getting back. It's very gratifying to start including breaks for chapters; I'm really starting to see where I still need to flesh out. I've been stringing scenes together so that the plot almost reads completely now. Still have to insert a few things here and there, but I'm pretty pleased :)

I'm going to Disneyland tomorrow! Yipppeee!


Mar. 31st, 2005 02:36 pm
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Life is nice and slow while I'm at home. I've been reading a few books here and there. I've developed a taste for mysteries these days.

And the TV! Oh my. There are simply too many shows on. How does any one pick out what to watch? I think I shall stick with watching TV shows on DVD.

What I've been writing )


Mar. 8th, 2005 06:35 pm
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William Darcy: So, George? Have you looked over the proposal?
George Knightley: As a matter of fact, I have.
William Darcy: And?
George Knightley: I do not think that anyone can accept it as is. You must rewrite it.
Caroline Bingley: But...but it's written so evenly. William, shall I mend it for you?
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Whenever I am most stressed out, I have this strange propensity to dress up. And this makes me feel better.

Inspired by [Bad username or site: @], I've been working away to Frank Sinatra today and I can't feel sad or stressed with him :)

Edmund Bertram: Fanny, that retrosynthetic analysis is stunning.
Fanny Price, (blushing): Why, thank you.
Edmind Bertram: I never noticed how beautiful your strategies are.
Fanny Price (thinking "Finally!"): Awww, shucks.
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Mary Crawford: I wish to play with amylose. what I'd like to know is which one of you gentleman would like to make a glycosidic linkage with me?
Elinor Dashwood: I might add that our lab doesn't work with amylose.
Edmund Bertram: I think it's brilliant! I'll take glucose.
Tom Bertram: Yes! We should work on sugars! And we should work on it in my father's study.
(as the men are not paying attention, the two unappreciated ladies speak to each other...)
Fanny Price: This is a terrible idea.
Elinor Dashwood: No kidding.
Fanny Price: You should say something. You're the safety officer.
Elinor Dashwood: ...and what kind of difference would that make.
Elizabeth Bennet: Stupid sugary talk. You guys are morons. We don't work with amylose.
Tom Bertram: know. You're right. We don't.
Fanny and Elinor: *glare at each other. glare at Elizabeth*
Fanny: (mutters) because when she says it it sounds so much more commanding...

Progress! 6 pages!

And counting....
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William Darcy: You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love your tryptophan radicals. I love your radical way of thinking.
Elizabeth Bennet: No, William. There is no room for you on my project. So stay away from my radicals.
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William Darcy: I don't see why we're taking this sloppy approach. We can watch for electron hopping on the rhenium system.
Elizabeth Bennet: But the rhenium system is optically silent. We won't get the full story and we'll have to do these studies anyway.
William Darcy: We can still publish on the rhenium.
Elizabeth Bennet: Why hit a single when we can get the homerun?
William Darcy: ...because the single is a sure thing.
Elizabeth Bennet: Wuss.
William Darcy: Fruitcake.
Hurst: Fruitcake, where?

Finished writing my 27-page progress report. It's now being read over by my colleagues and I'm supposed to be working on those research proposals that I have yet to write.

But I'm nervous. What if they read it and find it wanting?

*gah* let it go, C. Let's move on. Medium dynamics! Onwards!
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Evil Alyson, Evil!

Catherine Morland: Henry, why do we use e. coli to express protein anyhow?
Henry Tilney: Because we didn't want to hurt their feelings. and the e. coli union would revolt.
Catherine Moland: Oh my!
Elinor Dashwood: Catherine, don't pay attention to that. He's telling you lies.
Catherine Morland: Then why do we use e. coli?
Marianne Dashwood: Because they're beautiful!
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I wish I could be writing something else. Anything else. Writing scientifically makes me feel so...boxed in. My tone is far too casual most of time, so I feel compelled to listen to Mozart and drink tea so that I can "write brainy".

Basically this results in a general grunty feeling of being a bull in a china shop...and a bathroom visit every half hour.

*shakes head*

If i were to write my report out in fanfic-ese

George Knightley: Have you considered auxotrophic bacteria?
Emma Woodhouse: Yes, and I have found them wanting. They simply cannot accomplish what I wish them to do.
George Knightley: I think your goals are too high. I think you should use auxotrophs. They're cool.
Emma Woodhouse: Yes, most likely my goals are too high. But I will have them nonetheless. And give up on the bacteria. I'm not using them.


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