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...quick note.

I usually say things are "yummy" or "delicious".

But I consider myself an expert on:
1) Things that get people hyper
2) Things that are sweet
3) Things that rattle in tins

In this case, I would like to mention the new Lifesaver's Fruit Tarts!!

They come in a clever tin that utilizes spring action to open and shut! The candies rattle delightfully in their tin, putting a new rhythm in your walk! They look adorable! And they taste great!

What's NOT TO LOVE?!?!!?

Ok, so they're not made of sugar. They're made with aspartame.

The only loserly quality, I assure you ;)

PS. Housing details might be settled soon...will keep you in the loop. But right now, it's looking...optimistic.

Another PS: RQ has gotten back to me on my prop. So completely embarrassed at some of the errors I've made. Have felt the sting. Know it will get better. But oh! I have so much more to learn!!!
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...if it's possible to be in this city and not be stressed out over something.

I had something rife with death, destruction and a (healthy, I assure you!) dose of melodrama in mind, but well, ha. Nothing like preparing to post to LJ to make you realize that it really is kind of silly. I mean, that makes sense, as I am quite silly myself. And well, if I feel this way, then I guess that means that I'll be fine.

So I'll be fine. I'll keep working, and I'm going to write a kick@$$ prop...on whatever it is I finally settle on.

Even given my mind-wringing sessions in the libraries, I've had a nice time here. It's a bit cold outside, so I've alternated between being allergic to the cold and in fact, loving it. (I tend to hate it most when I tread my feet on the cold floors of Dr. J's place.)

I got to celebrate Valentine's Day twice! )


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