Jan. 25th, 2008 01:49 pm
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...lots of things to do.

A bit of fun at the Gordon conference...


Mar. 19th, 2007 06:19 pm
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...from my parents visit a week or two ago.

Click here for the set. I can't say that I took the pictures; my dad did. He's an amazing photographer (hobby). I totally cut out a lot of the pictures, and I felt bad doing so. But I think these are the ones that expressed the pure joy and beauty of being around my folks. :)

But this is my favorite )
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Big Sur! )

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What a great evening! While I started with just tea and Mozart, I found a bottle of unfinished moscato and some candles and finished off the evening so very happy.

I'm not very good at reading papers every day, so when I find the time to sit down and read, I usually like to chew through multiple ones, and I hope that they're interesting to me.

But these were really great. SUCH a wonderful evening with them. I love chemistry.

The kitty tried to read papers with me. Pics. )
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Well, one of my resolutions this December has been to clean everything I own/rent/work with.

The first realm I've decided to tackle is my lab bench. That's when I realized that I really do love cleaning my lab bench. In my time at Caltech, this is the very first time I'm doing such a thorough cleaning. There have been to occasional reorganize/wipe downs, but this time, I wanted to be thorough.

That's when I realized this is a perfect time for me to take pictures. During college, I never took enough pictures of the regular everyday things that I worked on, and it'd be nice to have pictures to look back on and smile and say "Yeah, that was a great waste setup."

Maybe, maybe not.

And then I figured, hey, since I was so proud of cleaning, I might as well take pictures along the way! Then I figured, since I'm feelign didactic and you guys might be curious, I'll take people on a tour of my lab hood.

So in the last three days (between measurements and cooking) I managed to get Phase I and II done. )
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It's here! It's here! *hugs Confessions on a Dance Floor*

Perfect timing; stressful day in lab.

Had a great weekend, though. Pride & Prejudice and Elephant Bar with [ profile] jennlynnfs and [ profile] bijoux, both of which I enjoyed thoroughly.

Got my hair hacked off and highlighted on Saturday! It's short! )
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The happy group.
Originally uploaded by crisintis.
Wooot! Got flickr to work! As promised, here are some hike pics.


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