Nov. 29th, 2005 04:16 pm
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"Catherine Calibrates" is now a 50,085 word novel that has a complete (but at times spotty) plot arc. This draft will never see the light of day or a reader, but all the same I'm glad I did it, because I now have a much better understanding of where I want Cathy and Henry to move and how I want them to move together.

Earlier today, I called the gas company to get some help with our stove. We'd been smelling mercaptan lately (the smelly stuff they put in nat gas because nat gas itself is odorless; that way you can smell leaks). They told me they'd come by "some time this afternoon". Which I heard as "Time for you to catch up on that word count". But once I'd gotten started writing this afternoon, I found that I really was sick and tired of writing about Cathy and Henry and just wanted it done with. So I wrote to the finish and I'm now free of them! YAAAAAY!

Heee. I was about to post when the gas guy came! The stove's been fixed. Simple matter of the pilot being out, which goes to show I'm a dummy when it comes to gas stoves. (In my (poor) defense, before I moved into this apartment, I'd never had a gas stove!)

So the stove works, the mercaptan won't get me in my sleep, and my novel's done and I don't have to think abotu Henry and Catherine for months. Not bad.
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Wish I could go back to Michigan and hide a bit longer.

The minute I landed in LAX, the stress pounded me into the ground, it was so heavy and sudden. And because of the stress, I have found it fun to punt by loitering on line and catching up on my friends and e-mails. Still in denial of stuff I have to do, and will most likely be in this happy state until tomorrow when I start up quenching experiments again.

Thanksgiving: Michigan was fun; I managed to get home before the snow hit, so I was able to enjoy the lovely snow from inside my house with my family. Extended family arrived on Thursday, which was less fun, because LOUD!Uncle Emery and ANNOYING!Cousin Philip were of the group. Thanksgiving dinner was at the home of a family friend. Asian!Thanksgiving dinner consists of Turkey, mashed potatoes, ham, and ten bijillion Asian dishes, spanning sushi to fried noodles to smelly chicken. It is at the same time paradise and completely gross. :p

Got back on Saturday and spent a pretty fun remainder of my weekend with J and his lab group; Kings and Blackhawk hockey on Saturday, and another Thanksgiving dinner yesterday night.

My tummy has grown to two times its size and is not quite comfortable with this sudden change.

NaNo news: Well, I'm currently at 41,824 words. I was keeping on track through my visit to Michigan, but was lax in writing this past weekend. As a result, I'll have some catching up to do later today. However, as always, interactions with my family and extended family has inspired me for a set of scenes. Writing has been a lot smoother since I changed Jamie Morland to a girl and sent her off to Sierra Leone. :p

Have had a lot of revelations re: my Emma story as well. One of the reasons why I was eager to take on NaNo was to get some necessary distance from Emma and Greg. It's worked, because I'm getting revved about jumping back on the project...


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