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...got into the Boston area tonight with my parents. Will be moving into the apartment in the next few days, and getting situated, before flying back to LA to grab my cat...

I've been terrible about LJ: no good reason. I've been a LUMP. A sleeping, still sleeping, Olympic watching, sleeping some more lump. I don't think I've followed the Olympics this much since '96. I'm more than making up for it this time around, though. My parents almost had to surgically remove me from the couch. And today, I took the driving into my own hands to make sure we got here and checked in before May-Treanor and Walsh got started...:) Totally worth the rush...*queue corny "gold rush" joke*

And.......!!!!!!!! It's been shocking me as I've been realizing it! Dr J and I start the next phase of our relationship: In Which We Are In The Same Town Again.


Aug. 3rd, 2008 09:42 pm
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It's ~10:00 here in Denver, CO, where I'm spending the night. I had a one hour delay outside of Denver (Did LA traffic follow me?!) but I've gotten in and I'm just settling in right now. :D

I had an absolutely FANTASTIC time in UT with the happy, generous, energetic [livejournal.com profile] alysonls and was quite depressed when I had to leave them at all earlier today, esp when I got cocooned in the most loveliest of all group hugs I've ever had in my life. I have lots (but still not enough) pictures of the fun we've had, and will post them soon...

The drive has been, for the most part, quite enjoyable. On the road, I'm enjoying my solitude and LOVING the diverse landscape! the mountains! The canyons! The trees! The desert! Everything is to be admired and enjoyed.

On one last note, CO state police cars?! Sneaky. In CA, NV, and UT, they were easy to spot from the lights on the top of the vehicle, but that is not true of these police cars; the lights are on the inside, and the vehicle does not stand out to me at all. I saw one at work for the most of my trip through today; he'd get on ahead of me, trap someone, and then he'd come and overtake me again (I LOOOOVE not being in a hurry anywhere...)

Anyhow, time to turn in; a day in Denver tomorrow. I wonder what I'll do...
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Need to catch up on entries.

Need to catch up on everything.

But I had a REALLY BEYOND AWESOME TIME this past weekend, with [livejournal.com profile] the_marchioness, [livejournal.com profile] the_marchioness's friend Moo, and [livejournal.com profile] jennlynnfs!!!!!! Will give details, but let's just say that I think [livejournal.com profile] the_marchioness and I saw more of LA than some Los Angelinos see in their lifetime.

After reluctantly saying goodbye to A, I turned to the apartment.

I've finished moving and started the next chapter of my life: in which I am a Betty Neels heroine. Took pictures teeny tiny apartment. Will definitely share those, and pics from the LA Tour...

But for now?

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...quick note.

I usually say things are "yummy" or "delicious".

But I consider myself an expert on:
1) Things that get people hyper
2) Things that are sweet
3) Things that rattle in tins

In this case, I would like to mention the new Lifesaver's Fruit Tarts!!

They come in a clever tin that utilizes spring action to open and shut! The candies rattle delightfully in their tin, putting a new rhythm in your walk! They look adorable! And they taste great!

What's NOT TO LOVE?!?!!?

Ok, so they're not made of sugar. They're made with aspartame.

The only loserly quality, I assure you ;)

PS. Housing details might be settled soon...will keep you in the loop. But right now, it's looking...optimistic.

Another PS: RQ has gotten back to me on my prop. So completely embarrassed at some of the errors I've made. Have felt the sting. Know it will get better. But oh! I have so much more to learn!!!


May. 29th, 2007 06:47 pm
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Stuffs )

Time is flying. This is good. I hope it flies until I'm walking down the aisle and getting my own hood.


Jan. 9th, 2006 12:14 pm
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I moved out of my old place this past Saturday and am now in the midst of unpacking at my new place.

I am stuffed up and sick and my nose is runny and my head is cloudy.

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My eyes are really dry and I know I should take my contacts out, but the cat is so nice and warm at my feet and she looks so very happy curled up there. So I guess I can try to keep the itchy/droopy eyes open just a little longer before seeking refuge...

LAB. I got good work done on the laser today! Things were working fabulously and I managed to get some data. Granted, it's more like a paragraph out of the book of data that I'll be needing to compile, but it's progress nonetheless. On Tuesday night, once I got tired of moving stuff to the new place, I moved stuff in my office from my old desk to a new desk by the window. < loser > Yes, I actually procrastinated moving by moving. < /loser > But everything's sunny and I like my new desk. And it gave me a chance to trash useless annoying stuff taking up space on the desk!

MOVING. It still sucks. These past three evenings, I've packed up some boxes, driven them over to the new place, unloaded them, dumped the contents out, and driven the empty boxes back to my place, where I packed them up for another cycle the next day. The good news is that the dresser is empty, all the books/DVDs/CDs are moved, and my nice hangy clothes are all hanging in the closet of my new place. The bad news is that I'm officially out of easy things to pack and must wander about my room, wondering what goes in each box. This shouldn't be hard, but it seems like brain surgery to me right now. Need rest.

Sadly enough, time spent reading or writing is time spent with a guilty conscience. However, I am pleased to report, punting arouund on line is still as guiltfree and effectively lazy as ever. :)
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I hope everybody's had a very excellent holiday! :)

WARNING: LONG ENTRY!! Really, only appropriate for the extremely curious or the extremely bored.

Holidays )

In summary, a very fun and relaxing break and I'm glad I had it, because life is now really really annoying.

What I've come back to...WAH )

All in all, life's good, but busy. No time yet to catch up on the flist, but I hope you all had a great holiday, and happy new year, everybody!!


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