Dec. 6th, 2008 12:00 pm
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...drinking ginger ale to settle the stomach AS I'm drinking Red Bull to stay sharp for writing.
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I spent all afternoon reading a very interesting paper. The paper was well-organized, the experiments clear, the data thought-provoking. To boot, the writing itself was clear and logical. I was actually quite pleased.

I nearly killed "Good Paper Buzz" by picking up the very antithesis! This second paper was not at all organized, the experiments inconclusive (not to mention irreproducible, even by the writers of the paper!), and while thought-provoking, certainly not thoughts of a good kind. It made me really wonder why the hell a prestigious scientific journal would ever accept such a communication.

A key lesson in this is that, like books, not all scientific papers are created equal. And like when you're reading books, maybe, after you read a really good paper, you should sit and be happy and bask in the post-reading high before embarking on the next paper, expecting it to be just as good ;)

Another observation that always surprises me: scientists can be terrible writers, but they can have prolific publication records. I know that *can* be true of general writing, but seriously? I'd argue the body of published poorly written scientific work is muuuuch larger than the body of published poorly written literature at large.

Whining over.

Things to be happier about:
  • Andrea Lee's Interesting Women

  • Wine tasting tomorrow night!

  • White Chocolate Mochas!

  • Minipreps! (Don't they sound like the cutest experiments ever?!)

  • They serve cookies and coffee at every seminar here!

  • Dr. J!

  • Wearing hats and scarves again! I have so many!
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27 on the 27th!

Now that just makes me feel all sorts of shiny and special. Knowing that the defense, graduation, and the move are ahead make me very aware that this year is clearly a year for interesting adventures.

I wouldn't call it a waste of time, but I am a bit miffed that I am fighting spring fever/restlessness this week. I spend an embarrassing number of hours making frustratingly slow progress on my work, and trying to psyche myself up. And that's just silly, because, well, it's a thesis. How much more motivation could I find?!?!

I combat the restlessness with more physical activity: Curves and yoga. I am relishing in the perpetual sore muscle reminder that I'm doing my best to dispel the energy.

It's not bad energy, you know? It's just unfocused.

This year's birthday theme appears to be meals with friends, and I can't tell you how happy that makes me. Yesterday, officemate B and I went out to lunch. Today, lunch with JRo and [livejournal.com profile] kilroi, dinner with S. Tomorrow, [livejournal.com profile] jennlynnfs and her family are coming up for lunch. Heh. Maybe being surrounded by lovely friends makes the time in front of the computer, working on my thesis seem that much more boring...
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Stupid funding app (likely funding app #1...though I want to cry when I think that I'll be doing this over and over again) is out of my life (finally)!!!

It's thesis time.


Another note: it is really really hard to want to work when it's so beautiful, so hot outside...

I just want to find a shady tree, settle down underneath with the purpose of reading, and nap.
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...quick note.

I usually say things are "yummy" or "delicious".

But I consider myself an expert on:
1) Things that get people hyper
2) Things that are sweet
3) Things that rattle in tins

In this case, I would like to mention the new Lifesaver's Fruit Tarts!!

They come in a clever tin that utilizes spring action to open and shut! The candies rattle delightfully in their tin, putting a new rhythm in your walk! They look adorable! And they taste great!

What's NOT TO LOVE?!?!!?

Ok, so they're not made of sugar. They're made with aspartame.

The only loserly quality, I assure you ;)

PS. Housing details might be settled soon...will keep you in the loop. But right now, it's looking...optimistic.

Another PS: RQ has gotten back to me on my prop. So completely embarrassed at some of the errors I've made. Have felt the sting. Know it will get better. But oh! I have so much more to learn!!!
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Did they kill and suck the guts out of gummi bears to make this stuff?! By this stuff = red bull.

Tragically, the Broad cafe on campus does not sell energy drinks (!??!) and I had to "settle" for the non described option of coca-cola.

However, the grocery store I stopped by on my way to work did carry Red Bull. Too scared to take on the larger cans of other energy drinks, I stuck with my initial resolve to try Red Bull.

Let's record what's going on:

At this point today, I've:
  • had scrambled eggs.
  • done the aforementioned grocery run (only to get things for lunch today)
  • did my CurvesSmart workout. (Endorphins used to be stronger than this!!!)
  • had carrots.
  • had saltines.
  • had a pot of tea.
  • all this while revising/rewording monothiol glutaredoxin discussion.
  • had lunch of chicken ceasar salad.
  • ...and still felt braindead.

Two sips in to the Red Bull, I can't say whether or not it'll help...but...it's disturbingly...non-repulsive to drink.

I hope I don't learn any bad habits...


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