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...even if it comes at a price.

I rode the high of my paper to this afternoon's intramural softball game...

...where I got my very first RBI! :D :D

1st and 3rd, two outs. I get up to bat. I took a ball, then swung on the second pitch...

I hit a fielder's choice, but nobody got out!! They should have thrown to first, but I was hauling my butt to first, so they went for home. And the guy made it! MY VERY FIRST RBI!!

I also scored a run when the guy behind me hit a home run. Unfortunately, I'd pulled my quad getting to first, so I ended up limping around the bases to get home...and sitting out the rest of the game :(

But that injury doesn't matter...

...because after my team finished its very first win of the season, they gave me the game ball!!! :D

I'm laid up on a couch now and can't stand up , but I'm soooo happy it almost doesn't matter. I only hope I get better fast so I can get back on the field!

Anyhow, very very happy :)
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Weekend roundup )

I know I work during my weekends, but I hate it when the weekend's over, and I feel the "structure" of the week pressing down on me again.

Clearly very loopy today.
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27 on the 27th!

Now that just makes me feel all sorts of shiny and special. Knowing that the defense, graduation, and the move are ahead make me very aware that this year is clearly a year for interesting adventures.

I wouldn't call it a waste of time, but I am a bit miffed that I am fighting spring fever/restlessness this week. I spend an embarrassing number of hours making frustratingly slow progress on my work, and trying to psyche myself up. And that's just silly, because, well, it's a thesis. How much more motivation could I find?!?!

I combat the restlessness with more physical activity: Curves and yoga. I am relishing in the perpetual sore muscle reminder that I'm doing my best to dispel the energy.

It's not bad energy, you know? It's just unfocused.

This year's birthday theme appears to be meals with friends, and I can't tell you how happy that makes me. Yesterday, officemate B and I went out to lunch. Today, lunch with JRo and [livejournal.com profile] kilroi, dinner with S. Tomorrow, [livejournal.com profile] jennlynnfs and her family are coming up for lunch. Heh. Maybe being surrounded by lovely friends makes the time in front of the computer, working on my thesis seem that much more boring...


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