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Having people over is stressful )


Oct. 4th, 2005 08:15 pm
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This week, I was cookbook-less and completely uninspired when I went to Gelson's, so when I saw the rack of recipes by the fish, I picked one up.

Tonight's menu was Red Snapper with Tomato-Cumin Sauce and roasted red potatoes )
Dinner was yummy and I'm totally full now.
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...resulted in er...nano-meatballs. We're talking size, not the novel writing month.

A less than ideal meal, but eh. Still edible. Last night, I attempted turkey meatballs in marinara sauce. I made the marinara sauce on Tuesday night and prepared my turkey meatball mixture. Yesterday I rolled up the meatballs, which looked very cute, btw, and attempted to fry them. This is where I went wrong. I did not have a large skillet, so I decided to fry them in a pot, where I could add those 5 cups of marinara easily. This did not work because the meatballs got stuck on the bottom. And I couldn't turn them or anything. So mashed them to death and turned them into turkey nano-meatballs.

Given all the things I could have possibly screwed up, I'm glad that it was only the meatballs.

She cooks!

Sep. 22nd, 2005 08:46 pm
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I found a reprieve yesterday night; J's college friend was in town and we went out to dinner with him.

But tonight, I stepped up to the plate. And it was licked clean! )

Anyhow, I'm feeling pretty smug now.


Sep. 20th, 2005 11:25 pm
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Absolutely fantastic evening because:

  • J and I finally went grocery shopping! And I now know what a shallot looks like! Keep in mind the only things I make in the kitchen are desserts, cranberry sauce, and pasta of some sort. Lately, I told J that I wanted to actually learn how to cook, and I wanted to practice. (Prior to this, my dear J made dinner for us all the time. It's not as unfair as you may think; J despises dishes, so I'd wash the dishes, and he'd cook dinner. He thought that was fair!) So now I shall be cooking once a week. I know, you're thinking: "But you're a chemist, you can follow instructions and combine ingredients. What gives?" Three words that doom me forever: Salt to taste. Tragically, (my brother will agree with me), I have no taste. My first effort will be tomorrow night. I won't post my menu, because it'll most likely end up changing at the last minute to McDonald's :p. But wish me luck!
  • Worked out another few scenes of Emma Experiments. 8 more scenes to edit, and the draft will be finished! I tried to knock down another three, but they all were entirely too hard so I had to give it up.
  • Worked out more details for my NaNo 2005 project! Am excited! That brings me to another point: how many of you are doing National Novel Writing Month with me this year?
  • Postcard from [livejournal.com profile] jimmyhk from Cambridge! *hugs* yay! Thank you! Hope you have fun at DU!!

Hoping to get in a run tomorrow morning. It's been forever since I've been out and it's about time I started it up again. The reason why I'm posting this here is, of course, so that my own ego will force me to get up tomorrow to make sure that I'm telling the truth :p


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