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...or insane.

I am playing Christmas music. Lots and lots of Christmas music.

I'm working in the Pasadena Public library, central branch today. Mmm. I so needed this change of scenery. What I love is that within 15 minutes of opening, the library got saturated with life and activity, as if it'd been open for hours. Pasadena is really lucky to have such a great library system, and I'm so glad that the citizens express their gratitude with their happy patronage.

The room I'm writing in is gorgeous.

My favorite violinist in the world, Anne-Sophie Mutter, is going to be at the Walt Disney Concert Hall tonight, and I've got a ticket. I CANNOT WAIT. It's my last date with the Concert Hall, so I'm glad we get to see our relationship off in style.

Sometimes I feel like this last year, even given how weird it's been, is just one long bachelorette party, one last hurrah for being happy and "carefree". I am so happy to have this opportunity, and I never take it for granted.
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First of all, let me tell you how ardently I admire and adore the new music director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Gustavo Dudamel. This should be a more bitter pill to swallow, as I really really really loved Esa-Pekka Salonen with his gorgeous floppy hair and interesting pieces, and cursed his wanting to devote more time to his career as composer. I have not yet watched Dudamel in action, but KUSC is clearly in love with him, because whenever I get in the car and turn on the radio, they are talking about him, broadcasting a concert, etc. And let me tell you the music I have heard has made my heart dance. (Granted, we know I'm a hussy, heart-dancing at the least provocation!) And it's a pity, but I won't actually be watching Dudamel in live action before I leave Los Angeles! I may have to change my plans.

He's also made wild curly hair strangely sexy to me.

I miss Dr. J, clearly.

Yesterday was splendiferous spring meeting of the Jane Austen Society of North America - Southwest Chapter. This meeting was at the faculty center on the campus of UCLA. I'd never been down to Westwood, and to UCLA, and now that I've been there? Man, I'm sad I missed out on all the opportunities to be in such a beautiful, fun corner of the Los Angeles metropolitan area! I love and hate that Los Angeles is pulling out these Eleventh-Hour triumphs. It makes my heart sink to know I have to leave it.

The meeting itself was great. I think I have a magnet for newbies. Maybe it's my young countenance. ;) anyhow, I made more new friends and had an excellent time while Ed Copeland, emeritus of Pomona College, gave us an entertaining and enlightening lecture on Silver Fork novels. They had a wonderfully hilarious panel recounting the early days of JASNA-SW, and a very interesting discussion on the Sadleir Collection in the UCLA Research Library. After the lecture, we had the opportunity to walk over to the Research Library and get to look at the much-coveted Sadleir collection. Oh WOW. the GORGEOUS.

Otherwise, I continue to distract myself write my thesis. I rewatched Howl's Moving Castle today. Mmmm. Even better this time around. Finished Kurlansky, and started on Dickens's Bleak House for May book club meeting.

And...um...hello, DODGERS. WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! The season snuck up on me this year. And I have to say that my life was the better for it. :) I'm so glad that the Boys are Back in Town :)

Man oh man. Spring is awesome.

ETA: Lest you truly worry, please don't. Thesis writing is coming along as its own pace. Regardless, I will hate life for the next two weeks and come out the better for it. This is truly a case where knowing that I can write, and how long it takes for me to write, is clearly working against me.
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Weekend roundup )

I know I work during my weekends, but I hate it when the weekend's over, and I feel the "structure" of the week pressing down on me again.

Clearly very loopy today.
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Labmate K and I are feeling the severe need for looking at awesome things. For that reason, we're going to gawk at art tomorrow. The only problem is, we're deciding where to go: LACMA or MOCA?

K is really into contemporary art. I enjoy contemporary art, but I don't go out of my way to see it. Which is why going to MOCA with her would be a good idea, as I'll likely not have a better companion to go with, and will likely not go at all if left to my own inclinations.

Of course, I've only been to LACMA once during my first year in a hazy evening party thing, and I've wanted to go back and see it when I was actually aware, etc.


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...if it's possible to be in this city and not be stressed out over something.

I had something rife with death, destruction and a (healthy, I assure you!) dose of melodrama in mind, but well, ha. Nothing like preparing to post to LJ to make you realize that it really is kind of silly. I mean, that makes sense, as I am quite silly myself. And well, if I feel this way, then I guess that means that I'll be fine.

So I'll be fine. I'll keep working, and I'm going to write a kick@$$ prop...on whatever it is I finally settle on.

Even given my mind-wringing sessions in the libraries, I've had a nice time here. It's a bit cold outside, so I've alternated between being allergic to the cold and in fact, loving it. (I tend to hate it most when I tread my feet on the cold floors of Dr. J's place.)

I got to celebrate Valentine's Day twice! )


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