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Happy 2010!!

Well, as anticipated, I have a future sis-in-law! My brother proposed on NYE and was happily accepted. The happy couple celebrated with family and friends and when they called me to tell me I was just so beyond happy for them. The wedding will be Spring/summer 2011 :)

There's snow outside! And it's pretty!! I'm sure it'll get brown and disgusting soon enough, but still, it's beautiful for now :)

New Mexico was fun, but a little wearying; I had crazy allergies and so was stuffy, runny, or sleepy the entire time :( Still, I had a great time with Dr J and his family and came back from NM well-rested.

We got back the day after Christmas, and I spent the following week working on my year end report. It was painful, but it was submitted at 4 pm on NYE, and I got to celebrate the coming of 2010 with no clouds hanging over my head. We had some friends over for a small dinner party and laughed our asses off into the New Year.

I had planned to be productive this weekend but...well plans change and it's much more fun to hang out with [livejournal.com profile] florabellee :) And...well, lots of snow! After shoveling it and trudging through it through most of the long weekend, Sunday was nice and lazy. I curled up with romance novels, my cat, and hot cocoa.

and so now here we are at Monday and people are coming back to lab and I'm happy again. I hope that you're happy too, wherever you are :)
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